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Year 6

We have two classes in Year 6:  In 6LC, the children will be taught by Miss Christian and in 6PC, the children will be taught by Mrs Chahal. We will be supported in our learning by our Learning Support Assistants who are: Mrs Bowler, Miss Godman and Mrs Fatima. Mrs Greenaway, an ASTRA Training Teacher, will be teaching 6PC on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Summer Term 2022





Our focus this term will be consolidating all maths topics covered this year. After SATs, we will continue to consolidate these skills though maths investigations and longer maths projects. We will use the skills learnt to solve reasoning and problem-solving questions. Twice a week we will complete a Terrific Times Tables quiz to help our quick recall of our times tables. All children have their login details and can access MyMaths, Mathletics and TTRS from home.


This term, Year 6 will be learning about Shakespeare and analysing the themes of Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth. Children will produce a variety of writing outcomes such as an explanation text and an exciting, adventurous disaster narrative based on our geography topic – Earthquakes and Volcanoes. We will also be reading Darwin’s Dragon by Lindsay Galvin and using the text alongside our science topic, Evolution and Inheritance.


Using an exciting range of texts, we will continue to develop our love for reading. We will be reading various extracts daily in our Whole Class Reading sessions and applying our reading skills and strategies to infer, predict and retrieve information.



At home, children should read for a minimum of 15 minutes each day. They should fill in their reading records to show that they have read. Reading Records will be checked by class teachers once a week.



This term our Geography topic will be Earthquakes and Volcanoes. We will be locating well known volcanoes around the world and learning about the structure of the Earth and of volcanoes. We will learn why people choose to live near volcanoes and how the tectonic plates cause earthquakes.


STEM (Science)

This term in Science we will be learning about Evolution and Inheritance. Children will be learning how over millions of years, living things have changed and adapted to suit their environment. They will study fossils and understand how they help us to learn about the processes of inheritance and evolution, and how fossils provide us with information about plants and animals that lived on Earth a long time ago.



6LC and 6PC – Thursday and Friday

Children should have their full kit and trainers in school for these lessons. 









English HW due.


Maths HW due.


Topic HW due.


Reading (15mins)

Reading (15mins)

Maths and English homework set.


Reading (15mins)

Reading (15mins)

Spelling Test.

New spellings given out.


Reading (15mins)