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Thomas Harding

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! Summer Term 2019


The focus in English this half term will be FICTION and NON-FICTION writing. The children will be continuing to read Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. As well as this, Year 6 will be doing many exciting Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation activities each lesson, embedding their new skills in their writing.


In Maths, the pupils will be learning a range of arithmetic skills, using both mental and written methods. They will progress to applying these skills in a multi-step word problems. All children should be fluent with their multiplication and related division facts.


Evolution and Inheritance will be the focus of this term's science. The children will be recognising that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. As well as this, they will identify how animals and plants are adapted to suit their environment in different ways and that adaptation may lead to evolution.


This term, the children will be learning about Crime and Punishment in Topic. Throughout the topic, the children will be developing their knowledge of crime and punishment since 1066 up until the modern day.


Legoland and Woodrow are just two of the trips that we have to look forward to this term. Details of these will all follow soon.



Year 6 are expected to bring their PE kit to school every Monday. PE days will be Mondays and Wednesdays. Our focus this term will be dance and games. Full indoor and outdoor kit will be needed throughout the spring term.



READING: It is essential that children read for at least 10 minutes every evening. Reading significantly improves writing skills and helps to build language skills and vocabulary acquisition. Reading may take the form of reading to an adult; reading independently or listening to adults read. This should be recording in the children's reading record.


ENGLISH: English homework may take various forms including written tasks, reading tasks and grammar activities. These should be completed in homework books unless specified. This homework should take 30-40 minutes to complete.


SPELLINGS: Spelling is crucial in writing and we have high expectations that children can spell most everyday words correctly. Spelling can be challenging and we teach children a range of strategies to help them spell. Children can use these strategies to learn their spellings and record them in their 'Spelling Journal'. Spellings MUST be learnt each week and children will be tested on their spellings on a weekly basis. Children should practise their spellings for 10 minutes every day.


MATHS: Maths homework will be set online using 'MyMaths' and children should log-in each week to complete the homework that has been set. We recommend that children also make use of 'Mathletics', which everyone has an individual log-in for, in order to improve key number and calculation skills. This homework should take 30-40 minutes to complete.



We have incredibly high expectations of the level of behaviour displayed by the pupils in Year 6, as they act as the role models for the rest of the school. The children in Year 6 have signed an in-class Roles and Responsibilities Contract and are working hard to model perfect behaviour. We need your support in ensuring that they understand that their behaviour needs to be exemplary in order for them to participate fully in all of the planned activities.


Outdoor learning

As a school, we value and actively promote the benefits of learning outside the classroom and we see the outside as an extension to the classroom. In Year 6, we will be spending lots of time outside; exploring and investigating and making memorable experiences that are real and exciting. So that we can venture outside whenever we like, we recommend that children have a pair of wellies or an old, spare pair of trainers in school at all times.


Attendance and Punctuality

Full attendance is crucial for children as they embark on a rapid paced journey through Year 6. We also want to win the trophy at the end of this term so keep trying your hardest to be at school and on time! A day missed in Year 6 is a loss of a whole day worth of learning. So please ensure that if your child can come to school, they do.


Medicines and Inhalers

If your child uses an asthma pump, please bring a spare inhaler to be kept in school and complete the Healthcare Plan and Request to Administer Medicines Form on our website.