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Our Art and Design Curriculum at Thomas Harding Junior School


Our  Intent Statement

Art and Design at Thomas Harding engages, inspires and challenges children to increase their knowledge and ability to experiment in order to create their own works of art. It enables our children to work with a range of art tools, media and processes to develop their skills and sequenced lessons ensure there is clear progression in learning. Art and Design is taught using a cross-curricular approach, embedding knowledge and transferring and applying skills across subjects.



  • Work is recorded in Art sketchbooks to show a range of different learning styles – planning, experimentation, annotated pictures, photos of own work and other artists’ work, extended writing in evaluation of own work and that of other artists.
  • Word banks and scaffolds to support learning are used by all year groups.
  • We make full and regular use of local visits/school grounds  (e.g. Chesham town centre to sketch buildings/draw trees).
  • Art topic vocabulary is displayed in classrooms.
  • Technical language is taught and used with a focus on accuracy within each art topic area.
  • Support and scaffolding to allow all pupils to access the curriculum effectively to maximise their learning.
  • All year groups plot in homework opportunities to encourage parental engagement.
  • Assessment objectives (Art Express).
  • Practical lessons that develop perseverance and resilience.
  • A themed, cross curricular art Fortnight happens annually and is planned to develop cultural capital of all children e.g. through immersion in a culture, artist, style or period and by the introduction of artists and works of art.


  • Pupils can be clearly seen building on prior learning  to extend and apply skills and knowledge  e.g. during Art Fortnight.
  • Retained, ‘sticky’ learning (through enrichment experiences in Art Fortnight, e.g. visiting artists, performers, GCSE/A level students).
  • Pupil interviews show high levels of  engagement and a genuine love of Art. Pupils also report how resilience and perseverance, alongside their growth mindset, help them to see the progress they make over their time at Thomas Harding.
  • Work scrutiny shows progression of skills over time.
  • Increase in learning resilience through a culture of experimentation.
  • Building cultural capital through Art Fortnight (e.g. Japanese Haiku theme 2019)
  • Whole school assessment for Art introduced 2018/19.