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Achievement Through Aspiration

Week 3

RAMP - Warm up - Week 3

The RAMP warm-up is used by elite coaches and athletes around the world to prepare their bodies for activity and to practice and develop key movement patterns.

Lesson 7 - Striking the ball

In this lesson we are learning how to stand when striking a ball and exploring the best way for you to hit the ball consistently.

Lesson 8 - Striking a moving ball

This lesson sees us developing our batting skills, ensuring all the fundamentals are in place to enable us to strike a moving ball.

Lesson 9 - Striking to targets

Being able to strike the ball with accuracy is a key batting skill. In this lesson we are learning how to use our body to help us hit the ball in different d...

Cool Down - Week 3

Cooling down our bodies correctly after physical activity completes our session.