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Thomas Harding Junior School

Achievement Through Aspiration

Year 5



We have two classes in Year 5:  In 5CB, the children will be taught by Miss Betts and Mrs Collins and in 5D, the children will be taught by Miss Davies.

We will be supported in our learning by our Learning Support Assistants who are Mrs Scott and Miss Bath. 


Summer Term 2022



Welcome back to school!



This half term, we will be reading and writing information texts with the purpose of writing to inform others. We will learn about the language features of information texts and write our own using the book, The Secret Life of Unicorns, as aspiration. We will also have lots of opportunities for speaking and listening activities as well as reading a range of fiction and non-fiction texts as part of our whole class reading sessions. 



These are checked regularly. Children must continue to aim to read at least 5 times a week for at least 10 minutes. If reading on their own, we expect children to be writing in questions about the text or words they don't understand into their reading records. 


In Maths, we will start the term by learning about fractions. We will then move onto looking at decimals and percentages, and identifying the equivalents. We will be adding and subtracting decimals using both mental and formal written methods, before problem solving with decimals. In the final half term, we will focus on angles and finding missing angles in a shape. In addition to this, we will be learning to convert between units of measurement. 



We will begin by learning about the Anglo-Saxons and discover why they settled in Britain, also learning about the challenges which they faced in establishing settlement. We will then focus on King Alfred and understand why he was a significant figure in Anglo-Saxon history. Finally, we will find out the reasons why the Vikings invaded and the key aspects of Viking life. 



In our Science lessons, we will be learning about the life cycles of plants and animals. We will compare lifecycles of different living things and identify patterns within them. Children will learn that plants reproduce both sexually and asexually and discover how plants are pollinated. 

In the second half of the summer term, children will be learning about animals including humans. Topics will include how animals reproduce and the stages of foetal development. Children will find out about changes to the human body over time (including learning about puberty).



Our PE days are now *Monday, Wednesday and Friday.







*Monday - Swimming



*5CB will be swimming after February Half Term.


On these days, children will need to bring in their PE kit in a named bag. We recommend that kits are taken home over the weekend to be washed.
Children are required to have both plimsolls and trainers in their PE bags. 



Spellings - Your child will be given their spellings on the Friday and will be tested the following Friday.

Homework - Your child will be given their homework books on a Tuesday and will be expected to hand this back in on the Following Monday. They have been given a tic-tac-toe grid and are expected to complete one task each week. As well as this, reading comprehension exercises will be given for the children to complete at home which will then be looked at and marked together in class. 

In addition, Maths homework will be set using the MyMaths website, the homework will link to learning covered in the week or to prepare children for future lessons.