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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding


The Thomas Harding Junior School Vision:


Aspiration, at the heart of our curriculum, inspires and challenges all children to reach their full potential through rich and exciting opportunities. This will enable them to excel at secondary school and then attend a further educational institution should they choose. 


We value individual well-being and happiness, keeping every child safe, building inner confidence and resilience  so developing the skills for lifelong learning. 




We realise our vision with a set of core values - that permeate all that we do.  From the moment a student arrives at Thomas Harding we ask them to live these values: These are values that underpin society in the modern world and reflect who we are as a school, recognising every individual for who they are, regardless of starting points and backgrounds. 


Achievement - all of our children achieve in learning, making outstanding progress from individual starting points and are fully prepared for the next steps in their learning journey.


Success - a successful school community that has clear boundaries and very high expectations of behaviour, alongside positive praise and inspirational opportunity, and which works in partnership with all stakeholders including parents and families. 


Potential - children have high personal expectations of what they can achieve and take great pride in what they can already do, celebrating individual strengths whilst overcoming challenges through perseverance and inner resilience to reach future goals. 


Independence - children take responsibility for their thoughts and actions, recognising the right way to do things that enhance our warm and inclusive community.


Respect - children uphold the rights and views of others by embracing the wider world, reflecting on personal contributions to the school community and building the collective well-being for everyone. 


Equality - children demonstrate a pride in our diversity and always feel valued and equal in every respect, regardless of starting points, background, gender, culture or religion.