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Achievement Through Aspiration

Week 6

RAMP - Warm Up - Week 6

The RAMP warm-up is used by elite coaches and athletes around the world to prepare their bodies for activity and to practice and develop key movement patterns.

Lesson 16 - Catching - Bouncing ball

When fielding, the ball can come to us in a variety of different ways and a bouncing ball can often be one of the trickiest to catch. This lesson will see us...

Lesson 17 - Catching - High balls

Catching a ball that is coming out of sky is a difficult skill, as it requires more than just an ability to catch. Judgement and body position are going to b...

Lesson 18 - One handed catches

The one handed catch can be one of the most spectacular catches to take. This lesson will see us learning how to, and developing our ability to make one hand...

Cool Down - Week 6

Cooling down our bodies correctly after physical activity completes our session.