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Achievement Through Aspiration

Week 5

RAMP - Warm up - Week 5

The RAMP warm-up is used by elite coaches and athletes around the world to prepare their bodies for activity and to practice and develop key movement patterns.

Lesson 13 - Bowling arm

This lesson will see us focusing on our bowling arm and the motion and range of movements that make up the bowling action.

Lesson 14 - Bowling: Arms and line

Using different parts of our body to support a movement is hugely beneficial in many sports. In cricket, using both arms when bowling as well as adding in ot...

Lesson 15 - Bowling sequence

In this lesson we are looking at all the different movements or phases that make up the bowling action and learning to bring them together in one smooth and ...

Cool Down - Week 5

Cooling down our bodies correctly after physical activity completes our session.