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Fantastic Feedback

                  Fantastic Feedback!

We are fortunate enough to receive regular feedback from  friends and visitors of our school. These can include parents, colleagues from other schools, professional agencies and trainee teachers. We genuinely appreciate all feedback that is offered - it allows us to celebrate our successes and also to gain your views about our school! Please find below examples of recent feedback given to us.

Year 5 Parent              December 2021   

Dear Miss Betts, I  just wanted to say a huge Thank You to yourself and all the staff and children involved in Radio Christmas today. The children spoke clearly and it was just lovely to hear them. My son had an absolute blast being on the radio, he was still buzzing at bedtime! 


Credit to all staff at TH for all your hard work. I hope you all have a restful and healthy Christmas break, you all truly deserve it especially after Ofsted and COVID. 

Year 5 Parent   December 2021


I just wanted to add our thanks to all of you for doing a fab job, especially with the Ofsted inspection thrown into what was already a busy week with school trips, etc. And, on that, for giving my son the opportunity to display his science experiment at the fair and subsequently the opportunity to visit the Science Museum! He had such a great day!!
As you know, he doesn’t always find things easy at school, but I have really seen a change in his attitude and desire to learn.  Things like this that show how his hard work is rewarded really means a lot to him.
I also wanted to say thank you for organising the Bikeability training. I had been looking to do that for him! He really got a lot out of it and enjoyed the whole experience.

Year 3 Parent       November 2021

Please can you pass on my thanks for the science day yesterday. I was very grateful to have been allowed to have my youngest with me. Previously the school was not at all keen of having small children in the school and it effectively excluded me and other parents from events like this. There's a great atmosphere is the school now and Jasper loved walking around into all the rooms and destroying the demonstrations.

Year 6 Parent     October 2021

Dear Ms Nugent,


I thought I would write and congratulate you, the staff and the pupils on the excellent Science Fair.

It was a really enjoyable and educational event. I was very impressed with all of the experiments and presentations. Particularly memorable were the dirty water filters, the conducting potatoes, the mould grower, the periscope, and the girl with the lab coat and the PH strips.

One of the participants, Samuel I think, was effortlessly enthusiastic about his salt crystal creation, explaining clearly the details of what he had done. I think I might try it myself!

What an inspirational event and thanks again to everyone involved. Science was never this fun when I was at school!

Year 6 Parent, July 2021

"I wanted to email beforehand but life seems to have been a little busy and an emotional rollercoaster. I wanted to say a huge thank to you and every single member of staff at Thomas Harding for taking care of both of my children during their time there. My children were so incredibly happy there and I know how much _______________misses being at TH and I’m sure ______________ will too.  The support and dedication from yourself and all the staff shows in every single child’s face and a true testament to what a fantastic school it is. I’m also extremely sad my journey with the school has come to an end my children were the 3rd generation at the school. I wish you and the TH family all the very best and if I ever go back into an education setting to work I would love it to be at TH.

Year 6 Parent, February 2021

"I’m _________________'s Mum.  I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for all the effort you and the team are putting in with keeping the children engaged.
I wanted to let you know how proud we are of him and how he is tackling his home learning this time round.  Considering in the first lockdown, he did very little in the way of school work, this time is a completely different situation. In the first week, I helped him get to grips with Google Classroom and how to turn in his documents, use Kami etc.  Since then, I don’t even have to tell him to get his work done, he is just taking it up on himself to log in and get working.  I can’t tell you how amazing this is, after all the battles we’ve had over the years over homework etc!!! However, I have no idea if the quality of his work is up to scratch but he keeps checking to make sure he hasn’t received any feed back requiring changes so I presume it is all OK.
I just wanted to thank you for keeping them inspired throughout this time. I hope you are all doing OK, it must be so challenging, but keep going because you are doing an amazing job."

Year 4 Parent, February 2021

"I hope you and everyone at Thomas Harding are keeping well. Thank you for all the amazing work you are doing to support the children at this difficult time. I do not underestimate the time, energy and commitment all staff are giving to ensure the children get the best support and education they can receive under extraordinary circumstances. Thank you also for your ongoing involvement and consultation with parents. 


I wanted to also highlight a very positive experience we had this week in which Mrs Hussain took the time to support my son. Her kind, calm and caring approach that prioritised his emotional and social wellbeing was a lovely example of how the school values are put into practice. Her focus on his strengths and willingness to seek help was so encouraging to see. I know he was touched by her kindness.  All the best and I look forward to being able to see you all again."

Year 6 Parent, February 2021

Dear Miss Nugent and ALL of THJS staff, I wanted to let you know what a wonderful job you are all doing with teaching online. My daughter has fully embraced the online learning and has been fiercely independent in her work and, all bar a bit of nagging from me in the morning to get ready for 9am, she seems to be coping with it all rather well. Credit goes to her of course for managing herself so well, but also to Mrs Westwood and ALL of the staff supporting Y6. 

Having talked to friends and family who live in various parts of the country and who have children at primary school, I can honestly say that I feel that she is having a far better experience with online learning. I believe this is wholly down to how THJS are managing the whole situation. Admittedly, I was sceptical at first but once I'd got my head around it all (not my daughter, she was on the ball from day one!) I realised what a great tool google classroom was been and how well THJS have utilised it. 

I fully appreciate that you have taken onboard the comments you got back from the parent survey and have implemented changes very quickly, that will only improve what is already excellent online teaching from you all. Friday afternoons sound like a great fun!

Once again, thank you so much for all that you do whether the children are in school or having to work from home. I do so hope that you can all have a relaxing half term and a very much well deserved break from planning and teaching." 

Year 4 Parent, January 2021 

"I've just had my food parcels delivered for the children. I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for doing these and then delivering them to us. We used everything that we were given last week, and the children had some lovely meals. You're doing a fabulous job in these hard times. Thank you."

Year 3 Parent, January 2021

"Thanks very much for this latest information, and also for the excellent home learning newsletter that you emailed today to parents. It was full of encouragement and positivity, which we all need so much of right now! I also thought it set clear parameters for parents and pupils, so we at home keep up our end of the standards expected. Super job.

As much as us house-bound parents might complain about being stuck with restless children all day long, I’m sure it’s nothing compared to the varied challenges you and your staff face in the school every day. Honestly, you guys are amazing. Thank you for your hard work."

Year 6 Parent, June 2020

"Dear Mel, Jon and all the staff and teachers, we cannot express our thanks and gratitude for all you have done for our daughter since she joined Thomas Harding back in September 2017. Like her sister  she has excelled. She has enjoyed  every minute of her schooling with you guys and we really hope that she carries on with the learning seed you planted, which we as parents will nurture.

I am so lucky to be able to continue working with you as Governor and I know without a doubt that all the children who come to Thomas Harding and leave all have wonderful memories of the school and you teachers. It has been a strange last few months, but hopefully come September things will be back to some kind of normal. Have a good break and look forward to seeing you in the new term.

Thanks again for everything you do."