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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Curriculum 2020-2021: Achievement through Aspiration


At Thomas Harding Junior School we provide our children with a broad, exciting and aspirational curriculum that is built on an in depth knowledge and understanding of our pupils. Our ASPIRE curriculum is driven by our values so that ALL learners are able to experience full and diverse opportunities that successfully meets their needs and builds cultural capital, enabling them to become global citizens of the 21st century.


Aspiration and Success ensure that a challenging curriculum enables all to succeed to a high standard. Pride, Integrity and Resilience ensure children develop learning behaviours such as: high expectations, openness, thinking independently, having a growth mindset and self-regulation. These enable our pupils to believe they can achieve their potential and maximise opportunities for pupils to take greater responsibility for their own learning. Equality ensures our pupils respect the value of education and learning and are well prepared for the next stage of their learning journey, within the community in which they live.


ASPIRE firmly states that self-belief can and will lead to personal success and our curriculum enables pupils to do that. Core British Values run through our curriculum to ensure that pupils understand the rights and responsibilities, as well as the roles of law and democracy that they need in life now and in the future. Furthermore, as a culturally diverse school, our children are well equipped with the suitable knowledge, behaviours and attitudes that allow them to live harmoniously in a multi-cultural society. 


Our curriculum allows for fundamental key skills in maths, reading, writing and spoken language to become embedded, ensuring that knowledge and skills can be applied in a range of contexts and remain in children's long term memory. 

Outdoor learning, and the 10 outcomes for high quality outdoor learning, makes a significant contribution to our curriculum. We ensure ALL pupils enjoy experiences beyond the classroom that not only enrich learning but also develop pupils' sense of character and well-being.  We achieve this through our vast and varied school grounds; using our local area and educational visits and visitors.


If you would like any further information about the curriculum that your child is following you can look on the class pages on our website, make an appointment to talk to the class teacher or for more detailed information contact Mr Turner, the Deputy Headteacher and curriculum lead, via or by telephoning the school office.