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Thomas Harding

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6! Autumn Term 2016

We would like to welcome you back after the Summer break. The children have come back to school after the holidays with a great, positive attitude and are settling in well. They are learning what is expected of them throughout Year 6 and have responded well to the changes that have taken place. We hope that this positive attitude continues throughout the year - especially as we are encouraging all pupils to have a GROWTH MINDSET. 
The focus in English this half term will be POETRY. The children will be reading and analysing a range of poems by a variety of well-known poets. As well as this, Year 6 will be doing many exciting Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation activities each lesson, embedding their new skills in their writing. 

In Maths, the pupils will be learning a range of arithmetic skills, using both mental and written methods. They will progress to applying these skills in a multi-step word problems. 

Plant and Animal Classification will be the focus of this term's science. The children will be investigating and classifying living organisms through a range of practical lessons. This term, the children will be learning about the Vikings in History. Have you ever wondered who Thor really was? Have you ever wondered where the term 'traders and raiders' came from?  The children will be developing their research and exploration skills throughout this topic.
Look out for exciting upcoming events such as our trip to Harry Potter World, Vikings Day and even a visit to the River Chess! Details of these will all follow soon.

Year 6 are expected to bring their PE kit to school every Monday. PE days will be Wednesdays and Fridays. Our focus this term will be team games and balance skills. Full indoor and outdoor kit will be needed throughout the autumn term.
We have incredibly high expectations of the level of behaviour displayed by the pupils in Year 6, as they act as the role models for the rest of the school. The children in Year 6 have signed an in-class Roles and Responsibilities Contract and are working hard to model perfect behaviour. We need your support in ensuring that they understand that their behaviour needs to be exemplary in order for them to participate fully in all of the planned activities. 


Attendance and Punctuality
Full attendance is crucial for children as they embark on a rapid paced journey through Year 6. We also want to win the trophy at the end of this term so keep trying your hardest to be at school and on time! A day missed in Year 6 is a loss of a whole day worth of learning. So please ensure that if your child can come to school, they do.
Medicines and Inhalers
If your child uses an asthma pump, please bring a spare inhaler to be kept in school and complete the Healthcare Plan and Request to Administer Medicines Form on our website.