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Thomas Harding

Write your own quiz



You have learnt a lot during our topic on volcanoes and earthquakes. Now, it's time to write a quiz! 


This quiz should test all areas of knowledge:

  • structure / layers of the earth
  • tectonic plates - location, type of movement, type of plate
  • volcanoes - location, type, how eruptions occur, specific eruptions, e.g. Vesuvius
  • earthquakes - location, how they occur, destruction and effects, specific earthquakes
  • questions about key vocabulary


Your quiz should have at least 20 questions. Be creative! Create your quiz on Powerpoint using hyperlinks to correct and incorrect answers, create question and answer cards or find another way of your own.


Remember, writing this quiz will be a test of your knowledge as well as anyone who completes the quiz. Spend time making sure that you have the correct answers to the questions. This is a great way to make sure that you have remembered your learning.


Enjoy and good luck.