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Thomas Harding

School Council

We have a School Council which consists of 10 pupils; voted in by their peers. This group meets regularly throughout the year. The School Council will be working on a range of projects such as promoting all things 'eco' throughout the school, supporting with Health and Wellbeing week and our school Open Day, as well as trips out into the community. The school council also makes decisions, after consulting with their peers, about changes in our school.


What is the job of a School Councillor?

  • To go to School Council meetings and take part in discussions
  • To feedback to their class about what was discussed at the meetings
  • To take the ideas and views of their classmates to the Council
  • To be involved in a range of activities across the school 
  • To lead by example - always showing good behaviour to others


2019-20 School Councillors:



Ruby Louise Johnson

Rowan Shrieve



Florence Parkin

Odin Windell



Zakariya Mohammed



Ebru Nadzhi



Eliza Speak



Maria Grozea






Zachary Ward



What have the School Council been up to?


Food Bank Visit 3rd October 2019

  • Packed up all of the donated food
  • Carried the 14 (very heavy!) bags to the food bank
  • Weighed each individual bag of food and then added these together to find our total weight donated – 83.1kg!
  • Children thanked for the generosity of THJS
  • The staff then explained how they sort the food (type of food and date order) and decide whether the food goes to a homeless person, single person, small family or large family
  • Children had a go at finding items suitable for each type of person/family in need
  • Staff explained the process for people in need – how they get a voucher to swap for a box of food
  • Staff explained the ‘extra treats’ that are given at Christmas and how these are being collected already


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