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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding

Our Aspire Values

Independence and Resilience Assembly

Our Weekly Virtual Values assembly. This week we are exploring Independence and Resilience.

Virtual Values Assembly 26/6/20 POTENTIAL

This weeks assembly is all about the value of POTENTIAL.

Virtual Values - Success Assembly (19th June)

Our whole school Virtual Values assembly for this week - based around the value of success. You will also need the link for the video that accompanies the assembly (scroll down)

Success juggling - Short video

This video is part of the Success (virtual values) assembly, that is posted above. Please watch it at the point indicated in the assembly.

11 June, 2020 Values assembly (achievement)

The first of our weekly Virtual Values assemblies. This week, we start with 'Achievement' linked to aspiration and growth mindset.

Don't forget to send in your achievements to school! We would love to know what you have achieved in your learning this week.