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March 2020

20th March   




It  was with a heavy heart that we closed the school today for the majority of our children for the foreseeable future. Who would have thought when we started in September that this would have happened?  


I would like to extend a big thank you to all of our families who have shown support and understanding over the past few days since the closure announcement was made.  As you can imagine, we have been very busy trying to plan our approach and to ensure that  we get the right information out to parents.


My days have been long and ‘full on’ as we strive to cope with queries that we don’t really have answers to, staff and families who are finding themselves in self isolation and the concerns raised by the children – this is a scary time for them as well.

So, School is closed as of Monday for most children.  We have spent the past few days  planning and creating home learning packs for each of the year groups. 

We have also set up a Home Learning page on the website, which is filled with general ideas and links to websites which link to each of the different parts of the National Curriculum.  We will continue to add suggestions and links to these pages throughout the duration of the school closure period.


School will be open for the few children / families who really need our help over the coming weeks.  These will be our vulnerable children and our key worker children.  Government advice has stated who falls into these categories.  We will be providing weekday care for these children as long as we have staff able to do so.  Again, advice is clear – if you are able to keep children at home with you, you should do so.  Childcare through school should only be used if absolutely necessary.  It is a child care offer and not a ‘teaching’ offer as clearly stated by the Government.

We will  monitor our emails and the phones on a daily basis and we will use email and the website  / text message service to communicate with you.  We will also remain active on our Social Media accounts; on Facebook and Twitter.


As a school, we send out our heartfelt thanks for the continued support that you have all shown the school throughout this difficult time and we hope that everyone in the Thomas Harding family,  stays safe and well throughout this time – we can all help towards this by following guidance and staying at home in order to limit the spread of the virus.


 As always, please continue to look after each other and watch out for people around you who may be in need.


Warmest Wishes

Mel Nugent




27th March 

Well It's been one whole week since we closed ...

Well, we have reached the end of an unprecedented week that none of us could have ever have predicted or planned for. On this day last week, I was preparing to close the school and we were busy assigning places in the new 'Emergency Provision' that we had been tasked with setting up.  At that time, we were asking our families to begin preparations to be able to support their children with their learning at home. These are genuinely unique times, and  I know that this last week has been a learning curve for all of us. 


Well, a week on and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, that the whole of the Thomas Harding family has risen to the challenge in the most inspiring and incredible way. The entire staff have shown an utter determination to live and work by the Thomas Harding ASPIRE values, they have put the children first and worked tirelessly to provide the best learning opportunities for every pupil - whether they are learning at home or in school at the emergency provision.


Our parents and families have also risen to the daunting challenge of this new, temporary, way of life by showing huge patience as we set ourselves up and began to send out learning activities and suggestions for pupils. We have started to see some work coming back, and also photos of the children completing their home learning tasks.  Please keep these coming in! We miss the children enormously and we want to feel a part of what is going on at home.  


The First Week Of 'Emergency Key Worker Provision.'

Home Learning Updates From Our Families

Over the coming weeks, (with the exception of the Easter Break) we will continue to post learning suggestions on our website, and our teachers will continue to be in touch with their classes. 

As a school, we will continue to be active on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, via the website and also through email and text.  Please get in touch if you have any questions or concerns - and keep those pictures and updates coming in! 

Have a lovely weekend :) 


Mel Nugent