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June 2020

Friday 26th June 2020


The END of another week and almost the end of June... 

As the end of another week draws in, we are becoming ever more focused on the future and what the next stage of school might look like.  My SLT and I have been meeting today, to begin the process of looking at September and what our curriculum will need to look like to best meet the needs of our returning pupils. We are very conscious that our children have had a difficult time and will need to be supported on their return. Whilst academic achievement is fundamental to our vision and values, we also strive to ensure that the whole child is developed, and we understand that for our children to learn effectively, they need to feel safe, motivated and connected. Therefore, we are making plans to develop our curriculum to meet the changing needs of our children on their return. More news on this to follow soon. 


This Week's Assembly and Story - Potential 


Don't forget to watch this weeks assembly with your child/ren. You will find it on our website and I have also placed the link here:

I have also recorded a story for the children, linked to the same value, again the link is on the website and  here



I am putting the final touches to a plan that will allow children and teachers the chance to end the year in a simple but hopefully effective way.  We will be offering ZOOM calls over the next two weeks between your child's classmates and current class teacher. This will give you the chance to chat, and close the year. In the call, you will also be joined by.... (wait for it) NEXT YEAR'S TEACHER!   Therefore, the children who attend the call will have an advantage in knowing who their next year's teacher is gong to be. We hope that this will increase take -up for the project, as it will be most effective if everyone attends and joins in!  Each class teacher for September, will also set a summer holiday challenge for the children to complete in readiness for the new school year. 

 The letter informing you about the new class arrangements for 2020/21 will then be sent out at the end of  next week to all of our families. 



Friday 19th June 2020


The Summer Term seems to be flying by...


Time is passing us by far too quickly at the moment; publishing this blog means we must be at the end of another week. Worryingly there are now only four weeks left until the end of the academic year yet there is still so much the staff team want to achieve. We have had our Year 6 pupils back for almost two weeks and all has been going very well. We are evolving in the way they are supported on a daily basis and the staff are working hard to ensure they are engaged in meaningful work within the constraints imposed upon us. Our Key worker bubbles have been working very hard as well, and we have expanded the provision this week by creating another bubble. The school has a calm and purposeful feel to it. I have been very impressed at how well the children have adapted to life back at school - we really do have some incredibly resilient pupils at Thomas Harding! 


This Week's Assembly and Story - Success


Don't forget to watch this weeks assembly with your child/ren. You will find it on our website and I have also placed the link here:

I have also recorded a story for the children, linked to the same value, again the link is on the website and  here


In other news...


As well as planning for the current, ever-changing school situation we have also been putting in plans for September. Behind the scenes, we are busy making decisions about where teachers and support staff will be in September. As soon as the plans have been made we will be sharing them with you!

In addition to this, we also need to think about the new pupils who will be joining us in year 3.  this year, as always, the majority of our pupils will come to us from Elmtree, however in total, we are welcoming pupils from seven different infant and primary schools.

We are not going to be able to offer them the usual transition day in July but, with careful planning we are putting together a variety of resources and plans to enable the new pupils to feel like part of the family as soon as possible. 

Those of you who visit the school website regularly may have noticed a new page under the parents tab.  Our ‘Transition’ page is newly constructed and we will add to this as we near the end of the term. Miss Thornhill and Miss Capocci have made a welcome video which is already there now!  We will continue to add resources to support pupils who are joining us, not just this year but in future years. It will also be of use to anyone who might be joining us as an ‘in year’ admission in the future.


And Finally a Thank You...


Thank you so much to parents and children who send in updates about the learning that is happening at home. It is so lovely to see you and find out about what you have been doing. 

Amber has been living our Aspire Values at home, by using her  independence skills to bake cupcakes for her family!

Amber made vanilla cupcakes independently, she measured the ingredients, read and followed the recipe. She also helped clean up the mess afterwards! Well done Amber , it is so great to see you applying your maths, reading and independence skills in this way! #TeamTH

Home Learning Updates

Marble Run STEM challenge

Still image for this video
Emily from Year 4, built this wonderful, themed marble run for Mrs Hussain's STEM challenge.

Matthew's (year 3) Marble run

Still image for this video

Friday 12th June 2020


Our First Full Week Back 


Well, we are once again at the end of a busy week. The children have brightened up the place  with their energy and I have been very impressed at how well they have adapted to the new way that we are working at school.  We currently have 4 Year 6 pods, that contain 19 children and 3 Key Worker Bubbles that contain 23 children. Although that is only 42 children, we are very close to full capacity as we can only safely accommodate 9 children in each of the groups. We simply do not have enough rooms or staff to expand that number, whilst following social distancing guidelines. 


This Week's Assembly and Story - ACHIEVEMENT


Don't forget to watch this weeks assembly with your child/ren. You will find it on our website and I have also placed the link here:

I have also recorded a story for the children, linked to the same value, again the link is on the website and  here


In other news...


Behind the scenes, we are planning for transition and next year at a time when we do not know how the school will look in September, but of course we will continue to keep you up to date and informed as we plan and begin to make decisions about the return of more pupils. Today I have sent out a letter to Year 6 to find out how many children would like to come back in the second round of admissions. 


In addition to this we have been consulting with Year 4 parents about a possible mixing up of classes as they move into year 5. This has become necessary due to a variety of factors, including imbalances in attainment, Social and Emotional needs, SEN and other considerations. This can happen sometimes, as children mature and grow at such different rates. It is also affected by new additions to a cohort that happen during the year. Year 4 parents have given us lots of feedback and we plan to meet as an SLT next week to look at the plans and make a final decision. 


And Finally a Thank You...


A huge and heartfelt thank you to the PA and our wonderful parents for the goodie bags that were delivered to every pod and bubble this week. They have been greatly appreciated by staff that have been beyond loyal, hardworking and committed throughout this difficult time. Despite what the media report, teachers and support staff at Thomas Harding (and beyond) are putting the children's needs first and working very hard to adjust to everything that has been asked of them recently. 




June 5th 2020


Welcome Back Year 6!


I hope that you had a pleasant and restful half term.  As you know, we spent two days this week ensuring that the school was ready to be opened more widely. We have deep cleaned and made sure that it is possible to socially distance in all parts of  the school. 

Once Wednesday arrived though, and we were greeted by so many familiar faces on the gate, it was a wonderful feeling. All of the organisational difficulty melted away, as we welcomed some of our year 6's back into the fold. The school feels very calm at the moment, and all of the procedures and plans that we put into place appear to be working well. The children seem very happy too!