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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding



Certificates and (brief) reasons



Riley - resilience - for trying his hardest all week but especially in geography comparing human features in the UK and Egypt.

Frankie - Aspiration - for working hard at her reading and becoming a free reader.

Usmaan - success - for working in maths on understanding 2D shapes and angles. You used your growth mindset.

Sehyenna - resilience - for persevering in science and using her resources to help her complete her work investigating forces..

Golden Tickets - Oscar, Kamil, Anastasia



 Hashim Adeel - Resilience – for joining in more with class discussions. Hashim is beginning to become more confident in himself and sharing his ideas with his peers. Well done!



Lola Slack - Aspiration - For showing a great interest in our English topic and wanting to develop a greater understanding by notes to use in her work in class. Well done Lola!


Shalom Maxwell Kalu - Integrity - For always treating everyone in our class with kindness and respect.


Golden tickets - Zulqarnain Khurram and Amelia Goss



Rebecca - Resilience - for working hard in English and persevering with her work.

Marcus - Resilience - for working hard with his fraction work in Maths. Well done!

Bea - Aspiration - for helping another student with her English work, showing patience and kindness.

GT - Eva, Laiba, Mehran



Tammie Whitwood – Success - For playing a glockenspiel with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression following sheet music.

Michelle Zindi – Aspiration - For great participation in English discussions. Michelle is always demonstrating the strategy “thinking aloud” furthering our discussions.

Ali - Success

For a huge improvement in his spelling test this week. Keep it up!


Golden Tickets: Elena Prag, James Maude, Maci Hilton





Alexa Rowley - pride - for using brilliant vocabulary when discussing our class text this week. Alexa confidently shared them with the class and I look forward to seeing them in her writing!


Eli Tomlin - Pride - for taking pride in his English work. He always presents his work neatly and thinks his ideas through carefully before writing.


Luag Denneny - Aspiration - for working harder in class, contributing more and getting focused on his work quickly. Keep it up!


Ayaan - Success - for passionately sharing his ideas to prevent climate change during our geography lesson. He then worked hard to write a brilliant letter to the Brazillian president.


Golden tickets - Emily, Eliza, Daisy and Max




Siraj - Integrity - for showing kindness to his peers. Siraj made sure that another member of the class, who had hurt himself, was okay.


Summer - success - for her conscientious attitude in Maths lessons this week.


Lily - Success - for her incredible rainforest homework. Lily created a 3D model of the rainforest layers using a variety of materials.


Golden Tickets - Lexie, Demi


Reading journal - Haris Bashir




Matilda - Equality - for always treating her peers with respect and consideration. Matilda works well with all others and always treats everyone equally.

Halima - Aspiration - Halima has high aspirations for all her work. She always gives 100% and strives to do well. Her recent work in English has been excellent.

Maya - Aspiration - Maya has worked hard to ensure she contributes in all lessons - she is aiming to ensure her work in maths is the best she can achieve!

Golden Tickets - Ibrahim / Megan / Matilda / Amelia



Barnaby- Resilience - For editing and improving his sentences in English by extending them using a range of techniques.


Dhruv - Aspiration - For making thoughtful contributions to our class discussions, demonstrating a fantastic understanding of his learning.


Freddie - Equality - For being a fantastic role model to others. Freddie treats children across the year group with kindness and respect.


Golden Tickets  - Joseph T, Kayley, Nilay, Poppy