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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Certificates and reasons 

Year 3

Lia - pride - for creating a fantastic video acting out the squiggly spaghetti scene from The Twits.


Annie - integrity -  for being kind and always trying to help others when they are having problems on Google Classrooms.


Teo- integrity - for recognising when the work is challenging and asking for help, which is a difficult thing to do. 


Aisha - aspiration - for always completing her work on time and asking for guidance when she needs it. 


Hashim - Pride - for putting effort into planning for his writing task based on the Twits. Making sure he has included direct speech and interesting vocabulary.


Izna - success - using her new found knowledge and confidence to help others. As well as continuing to develop her online skills. 


Mickey - Pride - for always working to complete his work to his highest standards. Mickey has created some fantastic pieces of work for English and art. 


Ibrahim - equality - for always being polite and kind to his peers. Making sure everyone feels included especially during group work this week in English. 


 Golden ticket: Raheem, Yusef, Sehyenna, Marcy, 


Year 4

Jayden - Aspiration- For writing a very effective opening paragraph for his fairy tale using wonderful descriptive language.


Roman - Pride - working incredibly hard with his work this week.


Amelia - Aspiration - for excellent contributions and enthusiasm during online sessions

and applying the knowledge to improve her work.


Isacc F-C - Success - for a detailed explanation on the process of condensation and evaporation.


Maci - Aspiration - for being enthusiastic in our English discussions on google meets. Maci’s ideas inspired others.


Mehran - Success - for confidently answering questions, participating in online sessions and fully engaging in remote learning. Keep it up!


Golden ticket - Marcus, Zayn, Henry, Haneefa


Year 5

Demi - Resilience - For working hard with long multiplication. Demi missed some lessons but worked really hard to catch up and learn the method.


William - Success - For working really hard on his science fiction story. William has some brilliant and creative ideas and has used excellent detail and description.


Tanisha - Success -  for the fantastic effort that she has put into writing her sci-fi narrative this week. Tanisha has included fantastic description and some of our tier 2 words to enhance her writing. 


Saniya - Pride- for always taking pride in her work. Saniya completes her work to a high standard and uses the meet link effectively to read her work aloud to an adult and to ask for any suggestions to improve it. 

George - Success - for consistently handing in and completing all pieces of online work to a high standard. 


Golden tickets - Lexie-Mae, Tiffany, Charlotte, Daniel 


Year 6

Freya - Resilience - for engaging in her learning and trying hard to complete what is expected of her even when she has not found it easy


Barnaby - Integrity -  for always having suggestions to overcome tech problems and helping others. Just writing those little comments in the chat during a meet has helped people answers questions they have had


Thinuka - Success - for writing a very detailed diary entry about women during WW2 as part of the English lesson.


Lewis - Aspiration -  he interviewed a neighbour and presented it to the class and it was amazing!


Joseph Alekna Goodwin -Success - Showing imagination in remote learning, choosing to add colour to his 3D op art project. 


Erin -  Resilience - for always handing in her work on time, she always gets on with it without needing to ask for help.


Isabella - Pride - has made great progress and the work she submits is getting better and better.


Golden Tickets - Rosa, Stanley