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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding



Certificates and reasons


George - Integrity - for showing a positive attitude towards his learning especially in Maths.

Tori - Aspiration - for always trying to use technical vocabulary when explaining her answers in Science

Viaan - Success -  for taking his time when planning his fact file and making sure he included the important information.

Golden Tickets - Anastasia, Frankie, James, Hera.


Max - Resilience - For being resilient in P.E when his group were given a more challenging activity. Max made sure all members of his group were involved.

Rosie - Success - For working hard in her group when researching Skara Brae.

Jordan - Pride - For taking pride in English when writing his second section for his fact file. Jordan followed his plan to make sure all points were mentioned in his writing.

Golden tickets - Faith, Amelia, Zulqarnain, Romeesa


Laiba - Aspiration - for working hard to achieve in maths this week, Laiba has had a right attitude, contributed in her lessons and applied her knowledge to understand the concept of perimeter.

Henry - pride - for taking pride in his own learning Henry has been so inspired by our rainforest project that he has done his own research at home and he shares this in our lessons. Well done Henry!

Samuel - Pride - for creating a fantastic rainforest diorama for his homework Samuel used real clippings from trees to create a realistic environment. Great work!

Golden Tickets: Ella, Rosalie, Safa


Ryley - Success - For great work in Science this week explaining how forest fires change habitats naturally.

Anabel - Resilience - For showing a great attitude to her work. Anabel consistently works hard and tries her best when faced with a challenge.

Ali - Success - For great work comparing the human geography of Brazil and England.

Golden Tickets - James, Haneefa, Elena.


Charlotte - Resilience -for her hard work in Maths this week. Charlotte has been challenging herself and showing a resilient attitude.

Rayaan - Success- for working hard on his times tables and consequently moving from level thirteen to fourteen this week in Terrific Times Tables.

Kenzie Lee - Success-for making great progress on his times tables and moving up to level 7

Golden certificates - Maria, Sudenaz, Hafsa


Daniel - Success - for sharing his extensive historical and geographical knowledge throughout our ancient Greek topic. I have learnt a lot!!

Tiffany - aspiration - for consistently working hard and having a focused attitude in maths. Keep it up Tiffany!

Daisy - pride - for writing an informative letter to show her knowledge of melting. Daisy took her time with her spellings and handwriting, well done!

Golden tickets - Joe, Saniya, Emily,  and Abdul Raheem.


Medha - Resilience - For stepping up to all challenges in her learning. Medha approaches all tasks with equal enthusiasm and determination.

Joe - Success - For showing excellent understanding in English when learning complex grammar concepts.

Yasin - Success - For a significant improvement with his reading record. Yasin is making more of an effort to record his reading and show his understanding.

Golden Tickets: Tali, Thinuka, Kayley, Jack


Adam - Resilience - for trying his best and working well with a partner to create a sequence in gymnastics

Alisha  - Pride - for always working well and taking great care and pride in all of her work.

Rosa - Equality - for working well with others, showing good listening skills and including everyone during group activities.

Golden tickets - Joseph AG,  Macie, Oliver, and Harry

Reading Journals - Darcy and Maya