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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding






Certificates and (brief) reasons



Mickey - success - for using his extensive knowledge about vertebrates and invertebrates in science to complete his work.

Reem - success - for retrieving her prior learning to help support her answer in geography this week when comparing the UK and Egypt.

Emaan - Integrity - for helping others when no one had asked her to in geography and continuing to help even though she found the task challenging.



Jordan Kalunda - Success - For showing a great interest in our English lessons by asking inquisitive questions to further his understanding of Tutankhamun. Well done Jordan!

Maryam Fatima - Success - For increased focus in her learning and wanting to push herself onto more challenging work. Well done!

Lia Sardis - Equality - For always looking out for her peers and making sure nobody is left out, both in class and on the playground.

Golden tickets - Fatima Khan  and Aisha Ebrahim




Mehran - Success - for successfully using the throwing and bowling techniques taught in cricket. Future England cricketer!

Marcus - Aspiration - for reading our class book in a clear and confident voice, using lots of intonation. Well done!

Ruby - Success - for listening well in all her lessons this term, Ruby has made great progress in her maths. Well done!

Rebecca - Integrity - for always working hard and concentrating in her lessons. Rebecca ensures all her work is completed to a high standard.

Caoilinn - Integrity- for always looking to improve her work, Caoilinn takes on board all feedback and continually edits her work until she is happy with it.

Safa - Equality - for always treating everyone in our class with kindness and respect.

GT - Besian, Emma, Henry, Layla



Keeley Tottle - integrity - For working incredibly hard at home to improve her times tables. Keeley has a great attitude to her learning!


Neve Doran -Success -  For writing a brilliant letter in role as a character from Brightstorm. Neve included key characteristics which described the reader.


Isaac Fernandez - Chater - aspiration - For always trying his best in Maths. Isaac is a dedicated mathematician!


Golden Tickets - Khadija, Inaya, Amara






Joe Leslie - resilience - for being super resilient when working with fractions. Joe found these tricky but worked really hard to master them!


Abdul-raheem - success - for his brilliant rounders skills during inter house and our PE lessons.


Daisy - Aspiration - for working hard to stay focused in lessons especially English. Daisy has been contributing her brilliant ideas about our new text.


Omar - Success - for completing at the levels in Terrific Times Tables. Omar worked hard and made sure he practised regularly in order to achieve this!


Golden tickets - Esme, Noor, Daanish, Jonny


Reading Journal - Emily



Taylor Tilbury - Success - for confidently giving examples of sentences which contain the correct homophones we have been practising this week.


Jakub - Resilience - for having a great attitude in lessons and persevering with his work, despite his injury. 


Rose S - Aspiration - for aspiring to gain a greater understanding of topics by taking notes during lessons.


Golden Tickets - Joanna, Sudenaz, Lily












Ibrahim - Pride - Ibrahim has worked extremely hard to improve the presentation of his work. His handwriting has improved and he takes care with his writing in all lessons.

Isobelle - Pride- for persevering in Art this week and producing fantastic sculptures. Isobelle takes her time to complete the task well and will often ask if she can finish it off at home - she takes pride in her work and always wants it to be the best she can do!

Reuben - Success - for persevering in Art this week and producing fantastic sculptures made from foil and wire.

Rhys - Aspiration - this week Rhys has clearly worked hard to do his best. He has listened well in class and shown fantastic understanding, allowing him to make thoughtful contributions in discussions.

Golden Tickets - Harry, Alisha, Rosa



Nilay - Resilience - for contributing more in class discussions. She is growing in confidence and has a go even if she is a little unsure.


Joseph T. - Integrity - For being a reliable Sports Captain and taking responsibility for organising equipment.


Kayley - Equality - for organising an in-school art competition, open to everyone, using any materials.


Golden Tickets - Alexandra, Joe, Elie, Lewis