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Thomas Harding
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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding


  Certificate awarded and reasons 
Year 3  

Lola - Resilience - For having a growth mindset by uploading her work independently. 

Ali - Resilience - For building up his resilience in his Maths learning. This week Ali has been challenging himself in his work. Well done!

Emir - Integrity - For not being afraid to ask for help when he has needed it, to support his learning. 

Anastasia - Success - For working hard to explain how to multiply using partitioning and demonstrating this on a video. Keep up the good work Anastasia!

Golden ticket - Romeessa Felix S and Elizabeth 

Aadhiran- Success - For showing a great understanding of how to partition to help him multiply numbers together. 

Frankie- Pride - For consistently working hard in class. Frankie showed great enthusiasm in History this week!

James - Success - For contributing some fantastic ideas in RE. James was able to suggest ways in which we can help within the community. 

Jodie, Felix Ibrahim    Golden ticket

Year 4

Zayn Aspiration - For working really hard in class taking part in discussions making excellent contributions. Zayn then applies his learning to his  work. 

Hugo - Aspiration - for always pushing himself to produce the best work in Science. Hugo thinks carefully about learning making connections across all subjects and applies this to his work. 

Zachary Integrity - having high standards in the work he produces every week at home. 

Ryley - Integrity - for being an independent learner. Ryley watches presentations carefully, considering what is asked of him. When he is unsure, Ryley seeks help and listens to feedback to further improve his learning.

Mahdiyah Pride - for taking a lot of pride in the presentation of all the work she completes remotely.

Ayaan Resilience - for trying really hard with his remote learning and handing in good quality work despite difficulties he has incurred this week.

Golden Tickets - Neve, Clara, Samuel,

Year 5 

Jakub - Success - for working incredibly hard on his home learning every day. Jakub always tries his best and work is consistently handed in on time.

Siraj -Success- for beginning to engage in his home learning well. Siraj understands the importance of his learning and is now trying hard to hand his work in on time.

Lexie- Resilience - for showing resilience when dealing with technology issues earlier this week. Despite these issues, Lexie has completed her online work to a good standard. Well done!


Alexa Rowley - Equality - for being very supportive and helpful when her classmates have questions. Alexa also shows lots of pride in other people’s work when we share examples.

Noor  - Resilience - for engaging in her online lessons really well and making sure she asks for help when she needs it.

Imaan - Integrity - for having high standards in all the work she hands in, making sure it reflects her understanding and is consistently handed in on time.

Eli - Pride - for working consistently hard and independently and always handing in work that is the best of his ability.

Golden Tickets - Daniel, Saniya, Esme, Daisy, Kenzie Lee, Charlotte, Corey, Seth

Year 6 

Kayley - Success - consistently handing in work of high quality - her Maths has improved exceptionally and she is challenging herself to try the more tricky questions

Joseph B - Pride - Working well in all subjects and ensuring work that is handed in reflects his best effort 

Sophie Success - excellent work in English. Her engagement in lessons is fantastic, she always listens well and thinks carefully about her answers 

Amelia - Aspiration - aspiring to do well and giving best effort - consistent good work, engagement in home learning is excellent and participation during Meets is always thoughtful and helpful 

Ethan- Pride - working consistently hard and independently and always producing work of high quality 

Megan  - Resilience - has worked hard both at home and at school despite some technical difficulties and striving to produce work of high quality 

Lacie - Pride -  for always handing in work that has been completed to the best of her ability

Golden Ticket - Yasin and Macie