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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding



Certificate and  reasons


 Lexi - Success - for successfully participating in our english discussion and thinking of a fantastic question to include in our fact file.

Reem - Pride- for creating a brilliant series of moves in PE and showing pride in herself when performing in front of the class.

Elizabeth - Aspiration - for working hard to complete our fossilisation experiment in Science. What a fantastic palaeontologist!

Golden Tickets - Reece & Teo


Annie - Success - For giving a clear explanation to why a hunter-gatherers life may have been challenging.

Raqeeb - Success - For working hard to think of interesting subheadings for his fact file, to engage the reader.

Zulqarnain - Resilience - For working hard in Maths and not giving up when facing challenging subtraction problems. Keep up the good work!

Golden Tickets - Lia and Felix


Millie - Pride - for always conducting herself in a mature manner both in lessons and out on the playground

Mahdiya - Success - for working hard on her Ancient Egypt homework. Mahdiya created an informative poster explaining the similarities between the Ancient Egyptians and the Indus valley.

Amber - Equality - for being a kind and patient friend to everyone in the class.

GT - Tayaba & Meerab


Tammie  - Pride - For always trying her best. Tammie’s handwriting and spelling has improved this term because Tammie self regulates.

Saoirse - Integrity. For always trying her best in class and also being a kind and generous member of the class.

Clara  - Equality - For being a kind member of the class. Clara always goes above and beyond to help her friends.

GT - Khadija 


Ismaeel- Aspiration-  for showing greater focus and concentration in lessons this week, which has allowed him to produce some high quality work.

Rufus - Success - for using and showing a superb understanding of a range of French vocabulary. Rufus has also been learning French at home which he has been eagerly telling me about. Tres bien, Rufus!

Charlotte - Success - for using a range of impressive vocabulary and sentence structures (including relative clauses) to describe what happens in the myth ‘Daedalus and Icarus’.

Golden Certificates - Summer and Taylor


Sufyaan - Pride - for working really hard and staying focused which meant he was able to  produce some very high quality work this week in History and Science! Keep it up!

Ayaan - Resilience - for showing more confidence in maths and being more willing to challenge himself and contribute in class.

Mariam - Resilience-  For settling into Thomas Harding really well and working really hard!

Golden tickets - Joe and Omar


Thinuka - Success - for using all of his reading strategies for effectively breaking down complex vocabulary

Freya - Success - for developing a positive mindset about school.

Joseph B - Aspiration - for working really hard to explain his ideas in English and for being willing to make improvements to his sentence work

Golden Tickets - Alexandra

Reading Journal - Sophie


Ethan  - Success - for fantastic work this week multiplying and dividing fractions. Ethan has really been challenging himself and has been successful!

Ameen - Pride - for working extremely hard in English and taking more pride in his handwriting and presentation. 

Summa  - Resilience - for trying her best in all lessons to extend her knowledge. Summa has shown resilience when things have not gone the way she expected and has been able to adapt when facing challenging problems.

Golden Tickets - Haider and Halima