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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding



Certificates and reasons



Reece - Aspiration - for continuously working on his presentation especially when writing his persuasive letter.

James -  Success - for writing a fantastic letter to Captain Forbes from Sarah Forbes Bonetta perspective on how she felt about coming to England from Africa as a child.

Elizabeth - Success - for a fantastic piece of homework about her family ancestors and where her family originates from for our census day

Harris - Aspiration - for using his knowledge from Census Day about Sarah Forbes Bonetta to write a letter from her point of view and including varied vocabulary.

Golden Tickets - Raheem, Tori, Lexi



Maryam - Success - For working hard in maths this week and using resources to support her learning when completing fraction problems.

Izna - Success - For writing an excellent letter to Captain Forbes from Sarah Forbes Bonetta on how she felt about leaving Africa and coming to England as a child. She really thought about the different emotions she experienced.

Lenny Platts - Aspiration - For working hard in English to use conjunctions to explain his ideas fully. Well done!

Golden tickets - Rosie Winfield, Lola Slack, Jodie James




David - Success- for listening well and contributing in our lessons on Census day. David was able to apply his learning and write a great letter to Captain Frederick  Forbes from the point of view of Sarah Forbe Bonetta.

Layla - Aspiration - for practising her times tables in school and at home, Layla has progressed 2 terrific times tables levels in just one week!

Zayn - Success - Zayn has been working incredibly well in maths this week, he has been practising his times tables at home and has been able to successfully apply them in his learning. Well done Zayn, keep it up!

Golden Tickets: Safa, Ella



Ryley - Success - For writing a detailed speech about why it is important to look after your teeth giving evidence from our Science experiment.


Roman - Aspiration - For putting so much effort into his non chronological report about Chesham for his homework this week. Roman wrote detailed sentences and included important information.


Elena - Integrity-  For always being a conscientious member of class and being kind to everyone. Elena always strives to do her best.


Golden Tickets - Haneefa, Inaya, Zachary A, Tammie




Jonny - Pride - for confidently sharing his research about his family in Chesham on Census Day. It was really interesting and he was very proud.


Ruby - Success - for successfully translating a paragraph from French to English. Ruby then used this to write her own paragraph in French!


Sammi - Success - for successfully intercepting the ball as the GK position in netball. You really helped your team!


James - Success - for writing a brilliant diary entry from the perspective of a lascar. James really conveyed how they were treated in an effective way.


Golden tickets - Daisy, Joe, Imaan, Emily


Esme Prest - Aspire badge



Corey - Success - for working hard to expand on his ideas to present clear reasoning in his persuasive writing.


Drew - Aspiration - for focusing well in lessons and showing a great work ethic. As a result he has produced some impressive work.


Rufus - Success - for confidently applying his new knowledge of vocabulary to his writing in French.


Haris - Pride - for proudly reading his French work aloud with an authentic French accent.


Golden Tickets - Sudenaz, Summer






Megan – Pride – great work in maths, Megan is working hard to explain her mathematical reasoning using the appropriate vocabulary.

Reuben – Success – DT a fantastic design of a bird hide- Rueben has worked out all the dimensions to build a strong structure.

Oliver – Integrity – Oliver ensures his classmates are always included in group activities when he sees anyone alone, he always does the right, kind thing.

Golden Tickets

Joseph, Matilda, Maya, Halima, Harry

Reading Journal – Ethan




Muhammad - Aspiration - for an improved attitude to his learning since returning to school. He is trying so hard to produce his best work in lessons, particularly writing.


Callum - Success - for success in Maths. Callum is able to convert fractions to decimals and vice-versa.


Joseph Turner - Equality - For supporting his classmates with technical skills in DT and for sharing resources, thoughtfully.


Golden Tickets - Sophie, Lewis, Stanley, Joe W