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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding



Certificates and (brief) reasons

Year 3

Hera - Integrity - for being supportive to her peers and boosting their confidence in themselves.

Shalom - Pride -  for consistently being ready and engaged for his learning everyday.

Peter - Resilience- for trying his hardest and not giving up when completing his remote learning. Fatima - Resilience - for her positive attitude and not giving up in lessons, preserving when learning how to respond to questions in french this week.

Joe - Aspiration - for showing great enthusiasm in his learning, especially in learning about the Stone Age houses and using his prior knowledge to inform his answers.

Kamil - Integrity- for always being kind and supportive towards his peers no matter how he is feeling.

GT – Maya,  Lenny



Year 4

Haneefa - Pride- for taking pride in the presentation of all her work.

Matthew (blue) - Pride - for working incredibly hard on his Zentangle art patterns this week, Matthew’s creation reflected the pride he had in his work

Saanvi (blue) - Aspiration - for really working hard with her remote learning this week, Saanvi’s effort and engagement have really improved - keep it up!

Isaac - Aspiration - for aspiring to show his learning in an exciting way, Isaac made a very informative google slides presentation comparing Mayan writing with our own ‘English’ writing.

Isabelle (red) - Equality - for responding positively online to all her classmates and being a kind digital citizen.

Tammie - Equality - for reading and responding to other people’s comments on google classroom assignments,  just like you would do in a classroom

Ruby (yellow) - Success - for trying really hard on her English work Tuesday, Ruby was able to successfully identify and explain the themes, settings and characters in Hansel and Gretel.

Golden Tickets - Sydney, Ella, Ayaan, James, Zach PG, Michelle

Year 5

Lily Farrelly – Resilience - for persevering with her home learning this week and overcoming technology issues to produce some great work at home.

Joanna Bocheva – Aspiration- For showing great enthusiasm for our Science topic and aspiring to expand her knowledge. Joanna carried out additional research about the moon and shared what she had learnt with her peers.

Arlo Parkin – success - for his fantastic setting description this week. Arlo used imaginative descriptions to paint a picture of what it is like to be standing on the moon.

Emily Lambourne– integrity – always working hard on her home learning and showing excellent manners on our daily calls.

Corinne Shepherd Marshall - success – for showing a great understanding of perimeter and area by confidently and independently answering questions.

William Woodstock– aspiration- for working really hard in all lessons this week and confidently contributing his ideas.

Golden Ticket – Hafsa


Year 6

(M) Tali - Integrity - For giving help to her peers on google classroom, offering suggestions of how to do something.


(W) Freddie - Aspiration - For producing work of a high quality in all lessons. Freddie’s RE was particularly engaging to read and showed real thought.


(C) Lewis - Integrity - For working really hard to independently attempt all maths work but for also seeking help when questions become tricky. Lewis has a real determination in improving his maths knowledge and perseveres to score full marks. 

(W) Darcy Springall -Pride -  ensuring her work especially during a English spelling lesson 18/1 was of a high standard, clearly set out and well presented.


(W) Halima -resilience -  for her help and advice with some technical issues i.e. her explaining she can share her screen with us and as the answer sheet was sent as the student’s work, she explained how to make a copy, although, I don’t know if this worked.


(C) Ebru -resilience -  growth mindset, she hasn’t understood her Maths, she has come onto the meet, she has made a ‘master’ of instructions on how to do the work which she has then used to answer the questions.


(W) Kacper -Equality -  for helping Rhys and us see how to upload Rhys’ Maths.  Rhys had shared his screen so we were able to see it clearly.


Golden Ticket - Harry , Nilay