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Certificates and  reasons



Heidi  Equality - for consistently considering the needs of others. Heidi is always willing to support her peers.

Amina  - Pride - for making sure her learning in geography this week about human and physical features of the UK was accurate.

Anastasia  - Success -  for using our tier 2 vocabulary to improve her sentences in her persuasive letter.

Golden Ticket - Hera Davies-Coyle and Florence Rodgers



Romeesa - Integrity - For always doing the right thing both inside the classroom and around the school. Romeesa is a fantastic role model.

Aisha  - Pride - For consistently having high standards in her presentation. Aisha has been independently self regulating and checking her work.

Timur  - Success - For his hard work and focus during his writing this week. Timur has worked hard to make sure he has included all key features in his writing.

Golden ticket - Fatima , Raqeeb  and Felix M



Saanvi  - Success - for listening well in her RE lesson and contributing well to the class discussion. Saanvi was able to explain clearly how Christians show respect for the Bible.

Samuel - Aspiration- for coming back to school with a fantastic attitude, Samuel has really developed as an independent learner. Well done!

Ruby  - Pride - always taking pride in the presentation of her work, it is clear Ruby takes great pride in her learning. 

Golden Tickets - Laiba Nawaz, Amber Johnson



Noor Rashid - Integrity - for a much improved attitude to her work. Noor is now more independent and uses word banks and displays to help her in her learning.


Neve Doran - Integrity - For her great work ethic. Neve always does her best in all aspects of learning and supports her peers too. Neve is a fantastic role model for others.


Amara Pena - Resilience - For demonstrating resilience in Matha this week and persevering with division methods.


Golden TIckets - Michelle and Saoirse.



Esme  Equality - for always showing respect to her peers and treating everyone with kindness.You are a fab role model!


Anna  - Equality - for always being happy to support others and for always being helpful around the school. This is always very much appreciated!


Cillian - Resilience - for working really hard in maths to improve his confidence when working with fractions. He is now more confident to challenge himself!


Golden tickets - Daniel, Saaliha, Mariam, Tanisha


Star reader - Ayaan, Daisy, Abdul Raheem



Sameen Kiani - Resilience - for her super work ethic and for showing resilience in Maths this week when converting fractions.


Summer Lachab - Success - for making perceptive comments and observations when comparing Brazil with the UK.


Jakub Zolyniak - Equality-  for being a good friend to others and consistently treating others with kindness.


Golden Tickets - Lily Rose and Joanna 


Reading journal - Jude Yerby





Isabella - Success - for fantastic work in geography- Isabella worked hard when using an atlas to locate volcanoes around the world. She persevered in order to complete the task independently


Ethan - Aspiration - for excellent work in Computing. Ethan has worked extremely hard with his partner to research and plan in detail a role play  interview. 


Maya - resilience - Maya has worked incredibly hard in maths, especially when we have revisited work done during lockdown. She has worked consistently to consolidate her learning.


Golden Tickets -  Zach, Macie, Alisha, Amenah




Sumayyah - Equality - for being a great friend who includes everyone! Sumayyah is always there for her classmates and includes them equally.


Jack - Integrity - For always doing the right thing, even when no one is looking. Jack can always be relied upon to be honest and responsible.


Isaac - Success - for pushing himself in maths and remembering how to calculate with fractions, using all four operations.


Sophie - Aspiration - for pushing herself to achieve in every lesson! Sophie challenges herself in Maths with complex calculations and strives to use challenging vocabulary in her writing. She does this in all subjects.


Zakariya - Success - for outstanding effort with his writing. Zakariya included all stylistic features in his writing that we have been working on in class.


Golden Tickets - Lewis, Sofia, Joe W, Thinuka, Alexandra


Star Reader and Reading Journal - Sumayyah





Other certificates and achievements

Sumayyah - 6W - Star Reader and a Reading Journal



Lockdown Marathon - Elie Darmaon, Samuel Hall, Daniel Pearlman, Fleix Slator, Maya Weston-Patel, George Aliaj, Elizabeth Jordan, Emma Garalova, Henry Berg