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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding




Certificates and (brief) reasons



Lexi East - Success- For using her knowledge of 2D shapes to describe their properties even though she didn’t understand at the beginning.

Raheem Khan- Integrity - for always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Anastasia - Aspiration - for writing a fantastic first sentence in her non-chronological report using all available resources to inform the reader.

Golden Tickets - Reem, Muhammad Ibrahim



Annie Westlund - Resilience - For using her resilience to keep going and not giving up even when she has found areas of her learning tricker.


Felix Slator - Success - For writing a fantastic first paragraph about the discovery of Tutankhamun. Felix carefully considered how he was going to structure his paragraph.



Aadhiran Balahumar - Equality - For working well in his group when completing his STEM investigation on whether difference surfaces affect the distance an object will travel. Aadhiran made sure that everyone in his group was included.



Golden tickets - Evie Martin, Timur Tverdov and Jodie James



Sydney - Resilience   - For persevering in maths this week, working on fractions.

Zachary A - Success - Working hard this week to write an exciting chapter based on our class text Bright Storm.

Haneefa - Success - Working hard this week to write an exciting chapter based on our class text Bright storm


Golden Tickets- Tammie, Clara



Ayaan – Success – Working hard to write an exciting chapter based on our class text Bright storm

Matthew – Pride- Working hard in English to understand conjunctions, and then sharing that knowledge with other children when asked.

Amber – Resilience -For showing resilience in understanding and learning Subordinating conjunctions.

Golden Tickets _ Emma, Rebecca



Tiffany - success - for using brilliant vocabulary during class discussions to describe the character’s feelings in our class text.


Ruby - Pride - for taking care over her History work to show how the Saxons came to Britain. Ruby created a brilliant comic strip to show this.


Joe - Aspiration - for taking part in our swimming lessons after feeling anxious. At the pool Joe was determined to give it a go and really enjoyed himself!


Golden tickets - Anna, Abdul-Raheem, Mariam


Emily - Behaviour badge


Reading certificate - Cillian



Corinne - Pride - for joining in a PE lesson enthusiastically and cheering on her peers with pride.


Seth - Resilience -  for showing resilience and not giving up on challenging questions in Maths.


Demi - Success - for her independent work in History this week. Demi showed a solid understanding of historical figures through creative writing.


Golden Tickets - Maria and Taylor



Harry - Pride - for working hard all week to ensure his work was of a high standard - Harry has high expectations of himself and strives to do better every lesson.

Erin - Success - for positive contributions during RE and writing a thoughtful paragraph about diversity in our community.

Isobelle - Equality - for treating all members of the class equally no matter what the situation. Isobelle knows how to treat others fairly and work well with everyone.

Golden Tickets - Darcy, Macie, Rhys, Zach



Elie - Pride - for carefully creating an outstanding wire armature for sculpture


Scarlet - Success - for  working to the best of her ability to create an excellent wire armature for sculpture


Stanley - Resilience - for working hard completing a wire armature despite having one arm in  plaster


Golden Ticket - Sumayyah