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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding






Certificates and (brief) reasons



Raheem - Pride - For working hard to maintain his presentation when completing work.

Tori - Integrity - For being kind to one of her peers who was upset and nervous about being back in school.

Emir Aspirations - For his amazing work ethic in Maths this week. Emir has challenged himself when choosing his tasks.

Golden Tickets: Amad and Usmaan

Amad  - Completed Lexia Level 2

Star Reader - Elizabeth



Joe -  Integrity -  For encouraging and supporting his peers when sharing their work in front of the class.

Rosie  - Aspiration- For her increased confidence and contribution during lessons this week.

Raqeeb - Success - For his participation in STEM this week. Raqeeb shared excellent comparisons between different types of foods taking into consideration the different amount of nutrients each food provided.

Reading certificate - Faith

Golden tickets - Evie and  Felix

Joe - Completed Lexia Level 6



Mehran - Aspiration - Mehran’s confidence has increased dramatically this week, he is contributing more in his lessons and is explaining his ideas in a clear and thoughtful way. Well done Mehran, keep it up!

Ayaan - Integrity - For being a great role model for his peers in Maths lessons and supporting his peers.

Bea - Success - for writing a clear, scientific and amusing explanation of the function of the organs in the digestive system, from the point of view of an apple.

Reading certificate - Eva Golden tickets: Isabelle & Emma



Ali integrity- for demonstrating a great work ethic in maths this week, Ali has been contributing well in his lesson, explaining his answers and trying really hard with his independent work. Well done!


Khadija  - Success - For writing an accurate and detailed explanation of an apple’s journey through the digestive system.

Noor -Success - For excellent participation in R.E this week. Noor was able to make insightful comparisons with the Torah and the

Golden Tickets - Saorise  and Kalash

Reading Certificate - Sydney



Mariam - Aspiration - for often using a thesaurus independently  to improve her vocabulary choices. Mariam always takes care and  pride in her writing. Keep it up!


Noor - Equality - For always showing respect and compassion to all her peers. Noor is a very thoughtful friend and is a great role model.


Eliza - Integrity - For helping her group come up with a successful dance routine in PE, Eliza had to listen to everyone’s ideas and come up with a solution to include them all.


Max - Aspiration - for showing enthusiasm during our French lesson. Max could confidently share his likes and dislikes! Keep it up!


Golden tickets: Daniel, Sammi, James, Isabella, Daanish



Lily Equality -  for always treating others with kindness and being a friendly and caring member of the class to all.


Rose Integrity - for having a fantastic work ethic in lessons and being a great role model to her peers.


Ismaeel Success - for his contributions to our French lesson. Ismaeel confidently spoke about which hobbies he likes and dislikes.


Golden tickets: Aneesa, Arend and Hai




Maya - Success - for her work in Maths this week, Maya has worked well independently and is now beginning to challenge herself.


Kacper - Pride - fantastic work in English, Kacper was able to write complex sentences and worked hard to include all the techniques we discussed in class.


Ibrahim - Resilience - for editing his sentences in English over and over until he was sure they made sense and were the best he could produce.


Golden Tickets - Lacie, Darcy, Rhys, Summa



Scarlet - Aspiration - For always questioning the vocabulary in her reading books. This shows how much Scarlet engages with the text and her desire to understand challenging books.


Lilly - Equality - for showing compassion for others, treating people with respect and understanding that all are equal. Lilly is a fantastic role model.


Stanley - Success - For working hard in Maths to retrieve his learning from lockdown. Stanley was able to explain his mathematical method for comparing fractions.


Sophie - Aspiration - for her outstanding English work during lockdown, Sophie consistently engaged in lessons and always aspired to produce the best work possible.


Golden Tickets: Zakariya, Lilly, Sumayyah, Medha and Leif