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Thomas Harding
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Achievement Through Aspiration
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Thomas Harding



Certificates with reasons


Florence - Equality - for being kind and showing patience when helping others.

Kamil - Aspiration - for aiming to write a detailed fact file about Henry Box Brown while ensuring neat presentation throughout.

Hera - Integrity - for consistently being an excellent role model to her peers.

Golden Tickets - Heidi, Leila, Amina, Harris


Lenny - Aspiration - For working together with his peers to solve division problems.

Aisha - Aspiration - For working together with her peers to solve division problems.

Felix S - Resilience For consistently showing a positive attitude towards his learning. Felix always works hard and pushes himself further in his learning. Well done!

Golden Tickets - Romeesa, Evie, Felix Martin, Timur


Matthew - Aspiration - for aspiring to write a powerful speech in English this week. Matthew worked incredibly hard on it, listened to the feedback given and has written a fantastic speech about the deforestation of the Amazon.

Emma - Pride - for using her prior knowledge to inform her peers about the science topic

Layla - Integrity - for being consistently hardworking in her lessons and always helping out her peers.

Golden tickets: Bea, Eva, Amelia


Zachary  - Success - For writing a fantastic speech about the impact of deforestation. Zach included emotive and persuasive language to influence his audience.

Kalash - Equality - For being a kind and thoughtful member of the class.

Jayden  - Success - For writing a brilliant speech about the impact of deforestation. Jayden included important facts to shock his audience.

Golden Tickets - Neve,Inaya and Dakota.

Reading certificate - Amara


Rose S - Equality - for always showing respect and kindness to her peers and adults in school.

Arend - Pride - for taking pride in his English work by using beautifully neat handwriting when publishing his newspaper article.

Rose T - Integrity - for being an excellent role model to her peers by always doing the right thing, even without being told to do so.

Maria - Aspiration - for putting an incredible amount of effort into recording her reading. Well done Maria, keep it up!

Golden certificates - Lily and Joanna


Isabella Equality - For treating everyone with kindness and always ensuring her peers are okay. Keep it up Isabella!

Ruby - Aspiration - for taking more responsibility to make sure she is organised with her homework and reading record. Keep it up Ruby!

Eli- Resilience - For working independently in maths to expand his understanding of multiples and factors. Well done Eli!

Joe  - Pride - for taking so much pride when publishing his newspaper article. You could see in his face how proud he was of it after working so hard on it!

Golden Ticket - Sammi, Max, Alexa

Star reader - Noor, Sufyaan



Stanley - Pride - for his part in our Christmas performance. Stanley gives 100% in everything that he is asked to do.

Sofia - Integrity - for always showing integrity, sticking up for others and being honest - she is an excellent role model.

Sophie - Success - taking her time to craft formal sentences that flow logically.

Golden Tickets: Joseph T, Scarlet, Freddie and Lilly


Jake - Resilience - for showing good understanding of electricity and not giving up when making parallel and series circuits.

Rhys - Pride - for taking more pride in his work and ensuring that all work is neatly presented and finished to a high quality

Erin  - Success - for editing and improving her sentences in English and being able to use a range of sentence openers.

Golden Tickets - Adam, Halima, Isabella and Isobelle

Reading Journal - Matilda