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Parental questionnaire feedback

“How involved are people within the school community?”

Thank you to the many parents and carers who responded to the questionnaire. Your answers and opinions have proved extremely valuable. Below, I have provided some responses and feedback.
Are you currently involved in any aspect of the school community? (E.g. Governor, Parents’ Association, volunteer etc) Please state.
A number of parents and carers are already members of the PA or would like to join. Please speak to myself or Mrs Godden if you require more information about our very successful and proactive PA. Some parents are already Governors, who come into school regularly. A number of parents also volunteer at school events. Thank you for your continued support.
What are the school’s strengths when involving parents?
Most parents agree that communication via texts and emails is very useful. The majority of parents and carers feel they are very actively involved in school life, with many saying they are “always involved” and are invited into school regularly. Parents and carers have seen the benefit of workshops and open days and have enjoyed special events such as the music concert, dance festival and class assemblies.  Most parents use our school website as a source of information and feel it is up to date, although some would like the website to be ‘more up to date’ and this is something that we will be taking on board.
What could we do better to include parents within the school community?
Some parents would like information about the new curriculum and how it will be delivered at Thomas Harding and guidelines on this will now be available from September 2014. We are keen to arrange events outside of ‘normal working hours’ for parents and carers who are unable to attend events during the day and this will become one of our priorities for next year.  
Dates, times and invites for events will be published on our school website in advance.
What do you know about the new National Curriculum (2014) in schools?
As most parents and carers are unsure of the key changes in the new National Curriculum, a brief overview will be provided for parents in the autumn term.
Those parents that are aware of the changes already work within the education system.
Would you like to do more to become involved in the school community?
Do you have any skills or expertise that you would be willing to share with the school community?
Thank you for the overwhelming response to these questions. Ranging from artists, volunteer readers, language experts, creative writers and musicians it is fantastic to see so many people wanting to become involved. Involving parents has a real impact on learning therefore teachers have been made aware of your talents and will contact individuals when appropriate.
Please speak to myself or your child’s class teacher if you would like to share any of your expertise within school so that arrangements can be made.
Once again, thank you for your continued support.
Mr J. Turner
Deputy Headteacher