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Admission Arrangements

 Admission arrangements for September 2017

As a community school, Thomas Harding Junior School follow the coordinated scheme for admissions through Buckinghamshire County Council Local Authority (LA).  Details of all arrangements are under the schools section of the Buckinghamshire County Council website  including a booklet and application form pertaining to September 2017 applications for a Year 3 place and in year applications.  You can also contact School Admissions at Buckinghamshire County Council on 01296 395000.

At Thomas Harding Junior School, pupils are normally admitted at the beginning of Year 3 without reference to ability or aptitude. The number of intended admissions for the year commencing September 2017 is 60.

If there are more applications received than the places available at the school then the places will be allocated within the primary scheme in accordance with the published oversubscription criteria for the school.

Details for dates for timely applications and how late applications are handled are given in the primary scheme parents guide.

Oversubscription criteria for Thomas Harding Junior School

Admission rules for Community and Voluntary-Controlled schools – for September 2017
Once places have been allocated to children with an Educational Health and Care Plan (Statement of Special Educational Needs), the remaining places will be allocated in the following order:
Rule 1- Looked After children.
Rule 2- Children who have exceptional medical or social needs, which can only be met at that school, supported by written evidence from an appropriate professional person.
Rule- 3 Children living within the catchment area of the school.
Rule 4 - For the main point of entry: Siblings of children who are attending the school or a ‘linked primary’ school in Year R to Year 5 at the time the allocations are made (March 2017), and are expected to be on the school roll or linked school roll at the time of the proposed admission, or who have already been offered a place to start in the current academic year at the school or a ‘linked primary’ school.
For immediate in year admission after the normal point of entry:  Siblings of children who are in Year R to Year 6 at the time of admission to the school.
Rule 5 - Children attending a primary school linked to the school named in the list of ‘linked primary’ schools at the time allocations are made (March 2017). This rule does not apply to those applying for a place in Reception.
Rule 6 - Once the above rules have been applied, then any further places will be offered in distance order, using the distance between the family’s Normal Home Address and the school’s nearest entrance gate, offering the closest first. We use straight line distance.
Where a school can take some, but not all, of the children who qualify under one of these rules, we will give priority to children by taking account of the next rule (or rules)in the numbered list to decide who has priority for places.
For example, places are offered to catchment siblings before children living in the catchment area without siblings. In each case, distance is used to prioritise which children should be offered places.
If it is not possible to decide between two applicants who are equidistant then in all cases including flats and apartments, where addresses are equidistant an independently scrutinised random allocation will be made to allocate the final place.
Further information on admissions and an explanation of the terms used in the admissions policy can be found on the Buckinghamshire County Councils website

We are going out to full consultation for the 2019-20 Admissions Arrangements. Hard copies are available from the school office.